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Here at Conversion World we always try to come up with new ideas for our bitz and of course do also ask ourselves constantly what our customers could want or need for their factions and miniatures. But in the end no one knows that better than you. That´s why we come up with the idea for our Request-Bitz-Service.

If you ever wanted a certain conversion part, for example a certain weapon for your models, but you can´t find what you are looking for anywhere, or at least you can´t find a version you like, feel free to tell us about that part to set us up for this task eventually.

We cannot fulfill everybody’s needs and wishes of course, but if we like your idea and if enough people ask for something similar, we will definitely see what we can do.

To send us such a bitz request, just write an email to: info@conversionworld.de , add "Bitz-Request" to the subject line. Then explain as good as you possibly can what you have in mind. (You can use words, pictures, drawings, whatever is at your disposal and you deem useful.)

We look forward to your request and promise to implement as many of them as possible.

Best regards,
your Conversion World Team

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